Hijab-Friendly Looks from The Streethearts

Here is a summary of The Streethearts' Hijab-friendly Looks from September 2010 - March 2011.


LIVE; Posted September 30th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Really want the shoes like this, only not in wedges but in heels.. :)

Style note: A plain blouse, long skirt, a well-tailored blazer, gold cuffs, and not to forget, John Lennon glasses and a hat.


SUSIE; Posted October 7th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Susie of StyleBubble never cease to look good in her layered outfits. Here in line for the Hannah Marshall show at LFW.

Style note: Try to mix or layer different fabrics, colors, and prints, in a sophisticated fashion, like Susie did.

ALEXANDRA; Posted October 26th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

A refreshing natural look and casual outfit from Alexandra.


STEFFIE; Posted November 13th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

All-black look with yellow headpiece as the center of attention.

Style note: For a hijab-ready look, change the headpiece with a yellow headscarf... ^_^


MARIA; Posted November 26th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Great vintage Winter coat! I love the color of it.


BACKDROP; Posted January 31st, 2011
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Observation made during London Fashion Week.

Stunning! Really love this maxi dress. A black velvet maxi dress, fulled of textures, with a dark-brown drop at the lower back. An abaya twist??

All you have to do is put the hijab on..

ANN CATHERINE; Posted March 6th, 2011
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Style note: Two tones blazer matched with small white-dots print, black gloves, and a khaki pashmina.

A classy style..

SUSIE'S COLORS; Posted March 13th, 2011
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

All of a sudden pinks reds and oranges seem to work so well together. I love her sweater hand-painted with pink, not to mention the elaborate orange collar.

Never thought that red will get along well together with fuschia pink, especially with a little color pop of 'pumpkin' yellow. Only Susie the one who can pull out this color mix! Her style is so unique.

LONG PEACH; Posted March 25th, 2011
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

My favorite... a well-tailored long peach coat. Never go wrong...

You can see the summary of The Streethearts' Hijab-friendly Looks, March 2009 - April 2010 edition here.

(Photo credits: The Streethearts)

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Tutorial: Hijab and Hats

As a continuation of my previous post about 'Hijab and Hat: Race Day Looks', I want to share what I stumbled upon on youtube channel...

It's the tutorial on "How to style hijab/headscarf to wear with hats and caps" by a lovely girl, alz786uk. Interesting, right?!

Let's see:

(Courtesy of youtube.com)

Notice that you should use a quite thin hijab/pashmina to do this style, because you will put a hat/cap over it and you surely do not want it to be bulky.

I think this style also suitable for daily hijab style (without the hats)... I've already tried it myself, and it suits me well.. ;)

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Islamic Veil Combined with Hats: Race Day Looks

Recently, fashion designer Rabia Z took the challenge put up by the tabloid! to create three Hijab-friendly looks for 'Dubai World Cup'.

She mixes conservative with chic for some alternative race day looks. Here they are:

Creation by Rabia Zargarpur
Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

These designs by Rabia were featured on the Gulf News yesterday, complete with the styling tips on each look from her.

You can read the full article here.

Another fabulous Race Day Look is from two ladies during the 14th 'Dubai World Cup', in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which took place two years ago, in March 2009:

"Dubai World Cup" 2009, 4
(Image: Flickr.com)

Love the bold color of the kaftans and the hat. Look so fresh and elegant..

'Race day style' hijab looks on the Runways:

(Images via hijabstyle.co.uk)

It's amazing that chic hats and bold fascinators can 'go hand in hand' in a style with hijab. Love all those 'hijab-and-hat' combos.. :)
Which look do you like most?

*Race Day = Horse-Racing Events, such as the Grand National, the Melbourne Cup, and the Dubai World Cup.

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One Shawl, Different Styles !

Style Notes

Below are the pictures of Hijabers Community's Committee on the launching of Hijabers Community at Pondok Indah Lestari, Jakarta, Indonesia, on March 19th, 2011.

They all wear the same shawl/headscarf, but in different wraps:


(Photos: courtesy of Siti Juwariyah)

Really want to meet all the hijabers there, watch the Runway, and listen to 'tausyiah' from Teh Ninih (a loveable and famous ustadzah in Indonesia) at that event. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to go to Jakarta.

So.. let's just enjoy the pictures on Siti Juwariyah (one of the committee)'s Blog, titled "Saturday".

There are plenty of pictures on that event: Backstage's, On-stage's, and The diverse styles of hijabers who attend that event.


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Hijab Styling Tutorial on 3 Hijab Styles

FMN Hstyle by FiMiNin and Such! by Suci Utami

Love these tutorials! Do you??

FMN Hstlye Vol.01 from FiMiNin on Vimeo.

(Courtesy of youtube.com)

Check out Suci Utami's youtube channel here.

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New Hijab for Sports

At last... find it!

On the hunt for a suitably hijab that is practical and comfortable to be wore on working out or playing sports?

I have written about many kind of sports hijab before on my previous post here. But the one that make me impressed is Resport. Unfortunately, at that time I can't found either the site, where I can't found more information about this sport hijab, nor the contact channel to the designer/company of Resport.

I knew Resport for the first time from The Huffington Post and The Toronto Star. It's a headscarf and camisole in one with an opening at the back of the head, allowing easy access to readjust the hair. Resport is wore under the usual sports wear. 

I think it's a solution for Muslim women athletes and 'very active' Muslimahs who want to feel comfortable in playing sports and doing their 'highly active' activities. This brilliant 'fashion invention' will allow more Muslim women to compete in sports. 

As I wrote on my previous post, for me, Resport has the biggest probability to be picked up as the perfect sports hijab. It's sleek, body-fitted, and has no parts flowing around, so it wouldn't disturb or block our activities. I myself, right now still go with fitted Al Amira-type hijab for working out or playing sport, but sometimes I feel less comfortable with that type of hijab while I'm working out.

Surprisingly, recently one of my lovely readers, told me the site where I can find and buy Resport (she also told me that now Resport has changed its name into ResportOn). The site is www.ResportOn.com

Hope this information will be helpful for you too who need it... :)

The designer, Elham Seyed Javad, herself also wrote a comment on my blog saying thanks for mentioning and loving the ResportOn; and also asked for my feedbacks on their very first version of ResportOn and suggestions for future ResportOn's variant (It's really an honour for me... ^_^).

Here's the picture of the first version of ResportOn:

(Image: ResportOn.com)

The description about ResportOn on its site:

Details : Each element is designed to live up to your PERFORMANCE. The hood’s unique design keeps all the hair away from the face. The hi-tech material, featuring micro-pores, dries extremely quickly, up to 14 times faster than cotton. Treated before fabrication, the fibers preserve their propertie...
Weight: 0.23 kg 
Color: White
Size: Kids (4,5,6,7), Junior (S,M,L), and Ladies (XS,S,M,L)

I think the first version of ResportOn is already perfect.
  • The color, white, is neutral and less heat-absorbent. 
  • The size also came in a wide range of sizes. 
  • The material, according to the site, is in high quality. 
  • And, its unique design with an opening at the back of the head, allowing easy access to readjust the hair and avoiding bother the face and neck with zipper, button, seam, or things like that.
My suggestion is only adding more colors like black or pink... :) and the variant, not only in sleeves-less but also in short sleeves and long sleeves, with a short torso or long torso. So we have more option to choose.


To avoid miss-understood about the sleeves-less type of ResportOn (as I read in the comment section of ResportOn's article in The Huffington Post; some people said, "head covered but the arms are bare"), let me explain a bit.

Resport is wore under the usual sports wear. For Muslim women who wear hijab, if your usual sportswear already has long sleeves, you can choose to wear ResportOn in sleeves-less type, and if your usual sportswear is sleeves-less, opt the long sleeves type of ResportOn.

Sports Hijab - Wearing ResportOn from ResportOn on Vimeo.

And one more addition, perhaps the designer can even invent a ResportOn for the whole body (except hands and face), with two variants:  

1.) to be worn under the usual sportswear (it must be sleek, comfort, and skin-tight but breathable), and

2.) as a sportswear itself.

As the sportswear itself, it must suit for sports activities (intended particularly for sports like biking, athletics, or gymnastics) but somehow, without showing our body-curves as a woman. Perhaps by adding more layers in some spots to hide the curves, or by using textured materials.

Active by SHUKR

Another new 'sporty' hijab is an upcoming line from SHUKR called Active. Compared with ResportOn, SHUKR's Active are 'looser' and have not only headwear but also sporty tops and pants.

This is good for you who opt to not wear a skin-tight headwear. 

Here's a sneak peak of Active attire, taken from SHUKR Head Designer's sketchbook for Spring-Summer 2011 collection:

You can see SHUKR's upcoming collection here, still in sketches... ;)
Or, SHUKR's online store here.

What's your opinion about these sports hijabs? What kind of hijab did you wear while you're working out or playing sport?

Do you have any thoughts or suggestion on how the perfect sport hijab is? Please share with us... :)

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'Western' Style


Dian Pelangi, Dina Toki-O, and Hana Tajima...

All of them are fashion designers with clothing lines geared towards Muslim women.  
Dian is from Indonesia, Dina and Hana are from the UK.

Surely because they all are a fashion designer, they really have a BOLD style... their own signature style, and an amazing 'fashion skills' to create fabulous looks.

In pictures below, they showed the fusion of Islamic modesty into the Western style:

Look 1:
(Photo: courtesy of Dian Pelangi)

Dian in London with her 'Jackie O Kennedy' style paired with a classic Chanel bag.
(Jackie O's images: google.com)

Style Notes:
Instead of wearing a 3/4 sleeves-length top and a knee-length skirt, Dian wore a long sleeves blazer-like top and a long skirt. Also she wore a headscarf with fur embellishment and a scarf/shawl wrapped around her neck. And, not to forget, a big sunglasses.

Look 2:
(Photo: courtesy of Dian Pelangi)

Dian in style of a tap dancer: a tuxedo jacket, tie, hat, and even a stick... :) 
Love the mix of the prints (squares pattern mixed with stripes) and the colors.

Tap dancer costumes:
(Image: candyapplecostumes.com)
(Image: fast-autos.net)


(Photo: courtesy of Dina Toki-O)

Dina with a fur snood around her neck. I love her outfits, especially on how she wrap her headscarf and the addition of bracelets and a big ring.

Scarf is from: h&m
The fur snood (not actual fur): h&m
Top: Mango
Skirt: Dina's own design

The combo between the fur and the way the headscarf was wrapped gives a sense of 'western'.
Harrison Fisher Lady in fur Head scarf Cosmo magazine Cover print (Image1)
(Image: victoriangraceart)

Chanel Scarf
Chanel scarf
Gucci scarf  (Image: Fashionising)


(Photos: courtesy of Hana Tajima of StyleCovered)

Hana's looks in a 'western' hat, fur vest, and denim jacket. Great fusion! Modest, flair and gorgeous... She's definitely one of my style icons!

Here's their social site if you'd like to know them more:
Dian Pelangi's twitter: @dianpelangi
Hana Tajima's twitter: @hana_tajima
Dina Toki-O's facebook page

What do you think of all of these looks?

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Runway Looks I Love in Spring Jackets

For some countries, Winter has gone by... and now is time for Spring!

In Spring, sometimes we also want to put on a jacket, whether it's for keeping us warm from the chill of spring, or as a shield from the wind, or to layer up our sleeveless-tops, or simply for a fashion statement... :) We will definitely avoid to choose the 'heavy' ones.

To find the perfect jackets for Spring I stumbled upon a site, womens-fashion.lovetoknow.com.

It has many fashion tips and there is a slide showing some women's spring fashion jackets 'in action' on the Runway.

The light-weight fabrics are a great aspect for spring jackets.. added with fresh colors, pretty styling and designs fit for warmer temps, the jackets would be perfect to be wore over your spring outfits and be your wardrobe staples.

Here are my pick-up ones that I'd like to share with you:

Light-Weight Jacket

D & G Jacket
This jacket adds the extra layer without obscuring a pretty outfit. Versatile khaki works well for spring, and details like rough hems and covered buttons add texture to a simple jacket.

White Jacket

Dries Van Noten Jacket
A white spring jacket. From loose casual blazers to short cropped jackets, white is a perfect fresh color for the season and works well with everything from light prints dresses to jeans and tees.

Sheer Jacket

John Galliano Jacket
The sheer jacket adds depth and interest to your ensemble without adding bulk.

Light Denim Jacket

Express Jacket
A light denim jacket looks sensational paired with a pretty floral print blouse.

Bright Colors Jacket

Gucci Jacket
A short jacket in a bright, bold hue, such as this blazer-style jacket in tangerine, adds a splash of sunny color to any outfit.

Glam Jacket

Balmain Jacket
For spring evenings, a lightweight jacket with added detail, like this embellished jacket, can add flair and a glamorous vibe to your look.

Which one is your favorite?

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Beyond Fashion

... is the title of an article on VOGUE about BARAKA WOMEN - a clothing line specifically in the cutting-edge maxi clothes, that based in Australia.

I agree with that line..

For us, as a hijabi, 'Fashion' is not only about clothes and creativity or an attempt to look nice and proper.. ^_^ , but we have our 'FAITH' in it... we believe it has rules to follow. We believe the Islamic rules of modesty is our guidelines in life and it's a sign of Alloh's Love to us...

So, we doing 'fashion' with heart full of peace, calmness and happiness, because we believe on what we do... and each of us are trying our best to fulfil it (the Islam's mandate for modesty).

For us, it's truly BEYOND FASHION...

Get Featured on VOGUE

In the world of Fashion, Muslim Fashion slowly had places. People are starting to 'notice', and even adore, the elegance and beauty of hijab and covered style.

Back on April 8th, 2009, VOGUE.COM published Jana of Hijab Style's article. Jana reported back for VOGUE about the Arabian Fashion World event she attended in London. One of the designers that showcased his/her designs was Rabia Z, the amazing hijab fashion designer from UAE.

Jana and her style blog, also Rabia with her clothing line that geared towards Muslim women, had been starting to get more attention in the fashion world by their feature on VOGUE.COM.

I'm so proud of Jana and love the article she wrote for VOGUE; And Rabia Z, with her urban-chic collection, had brought up the Islamic chic-elegance to the International world... :)


Now, it's the turn of Kath Fry and Eisha Saleh, the Brains behind BARAKA (means: 'Blessing' in Arabic) WOMEN . They were featured in VOGUE MAGAZINE AUSTRALIA on November 2010.

Here's the image of the article from VOGUE Magazine that Kath sent to me:

(Click once, and then click once again, at the image above to read it in a larger view).

I'm so proud of them too... :)

BARAKA try to fuse the Western Style into Islamic dress code. We already see how the Eastern Style fuse in Islamic rules of modesty, now it's time to see the Western Style go hand in hand with the rules.
There is a need for Islamic clothes that meet religious guidelines of modesty but that are flexible enough to cope with our busy and Western integrated lives.

Part of what makes BARAKA clothing line beautiful is their fusion of Western and Islamic styling.  They are flattering, fashionable and feminine but also simple.
said Eisha, co-founder of BARAKA in exclusive interview on Hijab Trendz, June 15, 2009.

I love the simplicity of Baraka collection and here's some of them that I love:

(Photos: courtesy of Baraka Women)

For more information about BARAKA's new collection, visit BarakaWomen.com

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Fashion "Rescuer" come on TV

Style Covered TV
to solve you fashion crises...

StyleCovered TV - Real life TV show

A famous and well-known style blog that caters for inspirations on covered/modest style especially for Muslim women, StyleCovered, is about to launch their TV (television) version.

Hana Tajima Simpson, the author of StyleCovered, announce this on her newest post on her blog.

This TV show will show you any tips and tricks on fashion, style make-over, and solutions to solve your style-problems. As Hana said:
Are you stuck in a style rut? Are you having trouble dressing to fit your personality? Does the mere mention of fashion make you want to run and hide ?  Are you addicted to designer labels?… Cue ‘Clueless’ style makeover montage!  I’m here to help you find your style, one that fits your personality and makes you walk a little taller.  We’ll take all your style woes and make them disappear with the help of my magic wardrobe.

It's a real-life TV show!... and all of you can participate in this project, but it mostly will take places in SouthEast Asia and the UK!

Soo... for hijabers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and the UK, particularly, this is a golden opportunity for you... to bring up your style problems, get feedback and solutions from Hana and her magic wardrobe... ;) , show up on TV! ;) , and at the same time help other girls with the same style problems as yours find the solution!

To get the details about this exciting TV Show and how to participate, check Hana's style blog, StyleCovered.com

Hana is eagerly awaiting to receive your emails.. :)

And.. do let me know if you are chosen to take part... I would be soo happy for you and awaiting for your show on TV!.. ^_^

(poster image: stylecovered.com)

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